13 going on 24.

We were almost 13 the first time she saw me. I was wearing a purple Minni Mouse t-shirt and cut off jean shorts. I'm surprised now she even let me come over. I wore big round glasses and was very nervous. Her family had just bought the house across the street and I had watched from my living room window as they came to see it. I was so excited to meet someone my age for the summer. It was a new town, and I would be going to a new school that fall. Little did I know we'd become best friends. Little did she know 5 years later I'd watch her from that same living room window as she'd come home from a date. And little did we both know I'd watch her almost 5 more years later as she walked across the stage at OU with a diploma in her hand. 

That summer we met was blissful. We'd thickly slather on coconut scented tanning oil and lay in the sun by the pool, listening to Magic95 on the radio. We were so cool. Eventually the heat would get too overwhelming and we'd jump in, water cameras in hand. My favorite part though was eating Nacho Cheese Doritos on the hot pavement above her storm cellar after an exhausting day of swimming. 

This picture is one of my favorites. It stays with me everywhere I go. It's currently right by my computer tacked on the bulletin board. She'll never know how much I've missed her ever since we turned 18. We haven't lived in the same town since. She knows she's still my best friend though, despite the distance. That's because she knows miles don't make a friend.

Happy Birthday Sheri. 
I love you! xoxo

I really do have ten toes! promise!

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