No words this week, just pictures.


  1. you make everyday life so stunningly beautiful, Miss Hails

  2. Wow, they just kept getting better as I scrolled down. I kept thinking "this is great, no this one is really great, wait this one is awesome..." and so on. Then I skipped over the pictures of Chad....

    Just kidding! They seem to all belong as a group but I can't put my finger on why.

    So, I'm curious, do you intentionally line your images up here with a sequence in mind? Is there a story here we should be mindful of?

    BTW, you've got me playing with shallow DOF more. I so rarely use the apertures below 5.6 but now I'm going all the way down to 2 and liking some of the images, especially the close-ups. Thanks!

  3. hey, what do you edit your photos on :) x <3

  4. thank you everyone!

    Mel, I order my blog photos on what feels right and also sometimes in the order that they happened. And I'm so glad I've inspired your shooting style! I shoot wide open almost all the time.

    Mash, I use LR and Photoshop. :)