So I spent some time this week randomly laying on my back in the driveway just enjoying fall. A storm was moving in and the leaves were rushing down out of the trees just as fast as the wind could blow them. It never rained, unless you count the leaves. I had to take a break away from my busy week and do nothing. Nothing but listen to the wind and watch everything hastily swirl around me in the rushing way that only autumn can bring. Two senior shoots, a lot of work, a wedding, and trip planning. Phew. If it wasn't for the out-of-character coffee I had this morning, I'd be exhausted. That, and if so much of my work this week hadn't been behind my camera, I'd be complaining. But, just like clockwork, I pick up my camera to shoot people and get a high. It's a fuel unlike any form of caffeine. Corny, I know. But, so true.

And... I had to share a cute outtake from my latest photo shoot:


  1. Nice to just look through the viewfinder at the world and see such wonderful things. Thanks for letting us peer over your shoulder...

  2. love that little red bug, and of course daphnie...

  3. You are funny... in a cute and cuddly way. :) Nice Sunday photos! I want to see your senior shoot!