I'll be honest, a lot of my time this week was spent in front of my computer and not behind my camera. However, I find this to not be very unusual. Especially if you're trying to be a photographer professionally. It snowed this week though and this little southern girl didn't know what to think. I was in Oklahoma two weeks ago where the days were warm and the leaves hadn't even changed yet. This probably explains why I had this conversation earlier in the week:

me:   "It's so COLD!"

chad:   "Well, It IS winter..."

me:   "No it's not. It's Fall. It's November. We just had Halloween. It's not even Thanksgiving yet! "

chad:    "Well, you live in Colorado now. Welcome to winter."

Have a warm week!


  1. Meh...you know, they're okay....I guess.....


  2. welcome to winter in the west, girlfriend! love these glimpses of your world. how can little moments be portrayed so poetically? nice, hailey.