I've never really been one to be serious about New Years resolutions. I never made an actual list or put much thought into actual changes I was going to make just because it was January 1st. Last year I said a couple of things to myself like, "I'm going to read more and have a website by the end of the year...etc." I made sure to not say anything out loud due to the underlying fear of no follow through, which could only result in making myself look like an idiot. I did, however, read a lot of books and as of a few weeks ago put the finishing touches on my NEW WEBSITE!

As 2011 approached, however, something in me felt different. I felt this desperate need to make changes in my life and to set real goals. The kind of goals that aren't jotted down on sticky notes (my desk is covered in sticky notes.) Goals that are based on my happiness- because from happiness comes everything else that is good. And I'll be honest, I'm in need of more happy in my life. So, a couple weeks ago I started a blank document on my desktop of tangible goals and changes I wanted to make. As I thought of them, I'd write them down. I tried to keep it fairly realistic by sparing myself from things like learning to play the ukulele (a true intention) that I knew wouldn't happen. (Someday.) I've been adding to the list up until this morning and am amazed at how long it has become. I also decided, after much indecision, that I was going to share the list because then it's more real. So, without further ado...


talk less. listen more.

be present.

grow herbs that actually live.

book AT LEAST two of my own weddings.

keep a journal again.


keyword my images in Lightroom.

take initiative.

have better posture.

go to the beach. a warm sunny beach.

get a new camera. (5Dmk III???!)

sell imac. buy macbook pro.

rely less and less on spellcheck.

call my far away friends more often. for no reason.

yoga. at least 3 times a week.

host a make-your-own-sushi party.

shoot more film.

embrace fear. (this includes an entire second list.)

Shoot 10 total weddings - my own or as a second shooter.

cross country ski.

take shorter showers.

sell fine art prints on a regular basis.

read 10 books for fun.

hang out with both of my sisters. at the same time.

go to a concert of a favorite musician.

see a play (or theatrical performance.)

make a book of my blog. the first 18 months.

visit my homeland.

learn to meditate.

share my meal if I eat out (or take half of it home.)

don't complain about the things I can change.

reward myself with gifts when I reach a goal.

set time aside every week for personal crafts and projects.

volunteer my photography to organizations like Help Portrait, Special Olympics, and Adaptive Sports.

print my pictures.

Cheers to a fresh start!


  1. Hailey,
    Good for you - carpe diem!

  2. Great goals Hailey- I love these. Especially shooting more film and donating or volunteering your talent to a good cause :). Then of course, my fave, rewarding yourself with gifts when you reach a goal ;) Yeesss.