A little over a week ago our living room was a mess. Chad and I made a deal that if I cooked dinner he would cut my mat board. I realized later that instead of making vegetarian pasta salad I should of made him a five course meal, starting with fresh mushroom caps filled with fancy cheese and ending with creme brulee'. Cutting mat board is a lot of work on top of the fact that the day had already started out rough and it wasn't getting better. The prints we ordered came in late and were too dark with an weird orange cast. It took three trips to the local printer to try and get them fixed with no prevail. The frames we ordered barely showed up in time and the two of us spent hours just trying to clean 4 small pieces of glass. Seriously people, how hard is it to clean glass? Newspaper, Windex, water, cotton t-shirts, air blowers, and a roll of paper towels later they were streak free. And, by the next morning our prints were matted, framed, signed, and in the hands of the gallery ready for opening night.

The Open Shutter gallery is a beautiful space located on Main St. in downtown Durango that showcases photography of all kinds. People like Steve McCurry and Joey L have recently appeared there and Chad has now had work hanging in there three times! Every January they invite local photographers to submit work based on a designated theme for a community show. One of Chad's prints (the black smoke) sold the first night. The three remaining prints are still for sale and will be there through the end of the month. 

My images are on the left, Chad's on the right.


  1. You're freaking adorable.

  2. I need you guys to come cut some mats for me:) Beautiful images Hailey!

  3. It looks like you chose the really thick matte board, too. Gives that extra bit of professional look to the final product but it's probably like cutting plywood!

    Looks really nice. How long will these images hang?

  4. Although it may look like it, the mat board isn't really that thick. I wanted thicker mat actually, but due to the time crunch and expenses I didn't go that route.

    Most of the shows at the Open Shutter are up for about a month.

  5. How wonderful!!!! :) I've always wanted my images to hang in some kind of fancy or funky gallery. So cool for u and chad. Congrats! And btw I looove the black bird telephone line image.

  6. Excellent !! Salut!!!

    Frank, Barcelona