Oklahoma Living Magazine.

The January issue of Oklahoma Living Magazine is out and I'm pleased to say that for the second month in a row my images can be found in the "Oklahoma Eats" recipe section! Above are a few outtakes that i like that weren't printed. Thanks OK Living!


  1. Congrats Hailey! That is awesome. And your images are beautiful...you are inspiring me to take photos of food! :)

  2. Just read your previous post where you were a bit down, you captured my mood today perfectly. Even if you feel a little bit flat - every day you add just that bit more experience to your craft so that one day when the 'overnight success' comes you will know it wasn't overnight at all but the result of all this hard work. And think of how many give up at this point.

    Love those blackberry cupcakes they look mouthwateringly good.

  3. Hailey,

    Congratulations!!! Those are beautiful food images. In fact, they made me hungry. I'm off to eat some lunch...