serious delights.

I was excited when a local bakery was hiring recently. Fearing that my winter months as a photographer would be slow and my bank account would be empty, I started scouting for a part time second job. I always thought it would be fun to work in a bakery - icing cupcakes, mixing bread, rolling pastry... I guess it goes along with my other long time fantasy of working in a flower shop. I think that idea was stemmed from the movie Bed of Roses when I was like eleven years old. I saw the movie again in recent years and it's romantic dreaminess that I loved as a child has turned corny. But, I digress. I first learned of Serious Delights at the Durango Farmers Market this past summer. My boyfriend and I made frequent stops at their booth every weekend to indulge in cheese danishes, green chili and cheddar croissants, and mini apple pies. yum.

They filled the position at the bakery, but noticed on my resume that I was a photographer and called me up. They're working on a new website and needed pictures. My disappointment for not getting to work in their shop was quickly dissolved at the idea of food photography. All said and done, Robert, Kelly, and their staff were so easy and fun to work with. I always love when my artistic vision matches what a client wants and our working style is  also similar. I Can't wait to work with them again. Here are a few of my favorites from the day...


  1. Beautiful food shots Hailey:) Congratulations on producing some of the best culinary shots I've seen in a while.

    Finally, congratulations on the nice piece about you in Paper Airplanes. Don't know if the link below will work, but wanted to try:


  2. These are really great! Certainly worked on me - I'd go to that bakery!