Today was so quiet. Oddly quiet. The kind of stillness that makes you stop and notice the silence and appreciate it. The sky was pure white with a promise of snow and there were no cars, no dog walkers, and no wind. I've grown to like Sundays for this reason. I pretend that people are tucked away in their homes wearing their p-jams at 2PM, reading a book, sitting at their kitchen table having long conversations, baking cakes, and just slowing down. I see Sunday as kind of an excuse to revel in the importance of doing nothing, and doing it slowly. My boyfriend fell asleep this evening and didn't awake until I returned from my daily walk with the fur baby. He quickly apologized for sleeping, claiming that it was lazy. I wanted to say, "Yeah, but it's Sunday."  :)

Hope everyone had an amazing week! Here are a few moments from my own:

she says so much to me with those eyes.
meal planning on a budget.

life (spring!)
cute butt.
wiping her mouth after a walk (every time) and her new favorite way to sit ^
sunny laundry.


  1. Beautiful pictures!!! Love them! That sky is amazing...I have a bit of a love affair with the sky and clouds.

  2. I love everything about this post!
    Beautiful images, beautiful sentiments.
    The visual of an everyday Sunday you create with your words is lovely.
    Daphne is adorable, and yes, her eyes say so much... and so does the way you see her.

  3. Thank you so much Karen! (and Thauna)
    That dog is my everything!