It's very tempting to just post one image today:

I've nearly finished off two (yes, I said two) of these little ice cream pints on my own this week. Two. And they were both chocolate. I used to think this was only maybe allowed after a bad break up. Or perhaps after running a marathon. But no, Chad and I didn't break up. And I've barely ran a enough in the last three weeks to even begin burning off the calories I gained from eating the ice cream. It's just been one of those weeks. Or even months for that matter. You know? The kind where you try putting your bra on over your shirt (yes, I did this.) The kind where you have no time to answer any emails and you cry a couple times at the most inappropriate times. The kind where you are so stressed and emotionally tired that your body feels ill. Luckily, my boyfriend bought a hammock recently and established a rule to go with it that I really like: 

"There are no problems allowed in the hammock. Problems don't exist in the hammock."

So, yesterday I laid there and did nothing. Then I laid there again later and read my book. I have to say it was exactly what I needed. And because you have all been amazingly patient with me lately with my lack of picture sharing and all, I'll be nice and share with you more pictures than just a half-eaten carton of ice cream. :)

Here are a few moments from my lately...

Thanks to everyone who left a comment or sent a beautifully sweet email after my last blog post. You are each so dear to my heart and such a vital part to my creativity and motivation.



  1. are those x's hugs or kisses? ;)

  2. Beautiful images Hailey (as always)! Love Chad's hammock rule. Take care. Jimmy