I don't like to admit it, being a photographer and all, but I'm not the most technically savvy person. There. I said it. As I went into school for photography I was excited about color, composition, and aesthetics. But when it came to computer classes, software, and learning about cameras and lenses I couldn't have been more nervous. It must be for that same reason why it took me so long to finally get a Facebook fan page.

And as user friendly as Facebook seems on a personal level, I've found my business page to be far more complex. This, combined with all of the recent changes Facebook has made has had me in a pickle. This coming from the girl who still doesn't use a smart phone. (I'm working on it.) So this is me inviting you to come on over to Facebook and check it out.  And this is me warning you that it's new and rough around the edges, so be kind. 


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