So it was decided last Sunday that this week I wouldn't touch my camera and instead take all of my blog photos with my new iphone! It was a lot of fun and a stress free, fun way to see the world around me. Plus, having Instagram was like the whip cream to my pie. By the quick click of a button I was hand picking crazy colors and filters to apply to my images to give them a little extra kick of awesomeness. Hope everyone has had a great week. Can you believe tomorrow is August 1st? I feel like I was just saying hello to summer...


  1. instagram, the iphone and i have become great friends!!! what do you go by on instagram? im megancamilla...follow me and i'll follow you!!!!

  2. Wowwy-we-woah... Awesomeness acomplished

  3. The shot of the guy at Desoto National Park cracks me up!!! Fun shots :)