the book.

Wow. I feel like I'm so behind on blogging. I have a list of things I plan to share with you, it's just the sharing part that's taking me a while! But I'll start with these pictures of a recent coffee table style book I designed for Willow and Myles from their engagement shoot. I highly encourage clients to get their images in a book or an album. It's personally one of my favorite ways to look at pictures. We've become so used to instagrams, flickr, and facebook that we forget just how invaluable print is. There aren't words to describe being able to hold something tangible in your hands and share it with others. And this book is particularly special because it doubles as a guest book for their wedding. How fun. :)


  1. Beautiful. As always, thanks for sharing

  2. I agree with Chad. Gorgeous, Hailey. Love. I'm sure your clients are incredibly pleased with your products. :)