boxer dawg.

I wasn't so sure of Boxer Dawg upon first meeting him. (And yes, that is his name and that is the appropriate spelling.) It was apparent that either him or at least one of the other dogs my neighbor had fostered over the years had completely taken over the kitchen, tearing up the linoleum, scratching the cabinets, and forcing the owner to build a huge boarded doorway into the rest of the house to keep Boxer out. My arm suffered a bloody gash both of the first times I saw him, making it very clear that he was stronger than me. He was found over a year ago, young and untrained. His tongue is big enough to clean your entire face in one fell swoop if you let him and he could jump a tall wooden fence if there was reason to be on the other side. Ladies and Gentleman, this is no Daphnie.

I got better acquainted with him this week though while dog sitting, and my mind was put to ease as I realized he may be strong, and wild, but has the biggest heart. (He definitely stole a piece of mine.) And just like all of us he just wants a lot of love. I guess I really am as much of a sucker for dogs as I always thought. I mean, look at that face!


  1. Love the one of him looking over the fence

  2. Jimmy is IN LOVE with this dog...er...I mean dawg. He is pure love wrapped in a whole lot of tongue and muscle.

  3. Aw, I love Boxer Dawg. Great pics! Is that first one shot through the fence? His face looks so clear, as if there's no fence in front of it. Love the one with his bowl too.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is no Daphnie"... ha! :)

  4. Thanks guy and gals!

    Karen, yes, it was shot through the fence at a sharp downward angle using a very shallow depth of field (f1.4) I managed to get his eye right between one of the chain links. ;)