kind words.

It's not typically my style to design with image textures or layering effects, but when Christy and Mike requested this image on their digital negative case I played with it for a good while until it just felt right. I liked the watercolor effect and the use of the wildflowers from their backyard photo session, something that clearly came to have a special meaning later. I wanted to share with you a few of the kind words I've received from Christy since her and Mike have seen their pictures. This type of thing truly melts my heart, keeps me grounded, and helps to remind me just why I do what I do.

"Truthfully, we’re a little astounded at how sweet the photos are and how intimate they look.  Who would have thought? 
And the field of flowers . . . oh, my.  What a gift.  You had such a lovely way of creating an easy moment for us, that I’m still a bit blown away at the results. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.  Each time I look at the proofs, it makes me smile (really big). 
Can’t tell you how much we appreciate your talent, your lovely way of helping us feel comfortable, and the way you spotted the wildflowers (of all things! I didn’t know they were out there.) "

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