The farmer's market started this week. Let me remind you, it's October. Also, there was an ice cream truck outside of the house on Thursday afternoon. Again, it's October. Leaves are changing colors in other parts of the country and back home in Colorado, there's snow. I feel like I'm in some kind of confused, seasonal time warp. And I think the confusion is rubbing off on me too because mid week I found myself making soup on a cool evening, wearing a sweatshirt, and pretending it was the real October I know and love. But as much as it sort of felt like Fall (or I wanted it to feel like Fall) I couldn't help but question the soup making the next day when the temperatures were high, the AC was turned back on, and I was sweating into my leftovers - all the while the ice cream truck was paying the neighborhood another cheery visit. I'm not in a time warp. I'm in Florida. Happy Fall!


  1. I don't know how you got on that golf cart. But I love it:)

  2. Yeah, it's a bummer you can't see the mirror a little better. I'm sitting next to the cutest little 80-year-old woman.

  3. Yes Florida has it's own kind of fall. But I'm with you. I love the chill, changing leaves, winter squash soups and sipping on hot drinks. October is my favorite month anywhere, including Florida. However, as a Floridian who has lived in places with a "real" fall, I've learned to appreciate the more subtle hints of a changing season and of course the start of the farmers market. :) I love the pictures as always!