Shannon + James teaser // Siesta Key, FL.

The entire day was gray and cloudless. Even the backdrop during the perfectly timed sunset ceremony had no color. I'm sure Shannon and James didn't mind or even notice. Between the tears and heartfelt vows there was no time to even pay attention to the dull sky behind them. So it came as a surprise later when everyone was leaving the beach and BAM! Literally out of no where the clouds started glowing like hot, psychedelic lava. I kept second guessing my camera settings because the images on the LCD screen looked surreal. They looked fake. And of course, it only lasted five minutes. But they were the best five minutes of the whole day.

p.s. No color enhancements have been made to this photo. Mother Nature is just that kind.  :)


  1. Spectacular!!


  2. Awesome Hailey! Nice job! Don't ya love when Mother Nature cooperates?