wedding teaser.

It's not a secret. Love can be chaotic, especially the deep, true loves of our life. And at some point all of us that dive in head first forget to come up for air and remember the pure, simple reason why we loved in the first place. But I'm a firm believer that we do this even more with the things that really matter the most. The things that, in the end, make life worth living. And you have to come up for air, or else you can't keep swimming.

I'm not just talking about relationships, but wedding photography too. One of my all time favorite wedding photographers helps me to always remember why I do this for a living by looking at his images. But yesterday he said something on his blog that I really couldn't have said any better myself. It applies to weddings, and it applies to life.

"I like it when two genuinely good and beautiful people get married. When everything seems chaotic and things don’t happen the way they should, we peel off the layers of what a wedding is, and the fundamentals become even more apparent.


-Jonas Peterson

More to come...

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  1. What a wonderful contrast of emotional states in that picture. Gotta be love.