What a week.
I let myself sleep in late today.  And when I walked out into the backyard with Daphnie, as I do every morning, I was amazed and delighted to feel a slight chill in the air as late as 10AM. Without much thought I grabbed a cup of yogurt from the fridge, my book, and a couple pillows and sat on the deck to read as the sun slowly crept over the fence and began to feel warm. No bugs, no sticky, humid, sweat. It was glorious. It was a moment in my last three months of Florida life that I was beginning to think didn't exist. It was also during that moment that I realized that the answer to almost every problem is, "go outside." I couldn't help but smile to myself as I thought of my week and how the best moments were spent outdoors. The pizza and beer I had with a good friend, the wedding I shot in the mountains of Colorado, the vegetables I helped pick (and eat), the horses I fed, the hike I went on, the wonderful walks with my dog, and the afternoon I watched surfers at the beach. You'd never know that in between these ventures were a lot of tears, stress, and hard work. Somehow mother nature has a way of understanding. I'm so happy it's October.


  1. Without a doubt, fall is the best time of year - even in Florida.