snow bird.

Let's be honest. I was nervous about winter this year. To be more clear, I was nervous that my body wouldn't adapt well going straight from warm, 80-degree humidity into a dry, high altitude winter in the mountains. I was worried about being a wimp. People in Florida told me I was crazy. They'd tell me I was doing it all backwards. At the time I'd sheepishly agree with them. I knew it was silly. I was about to leave the beautiful sunshine state during peak season. The produce was thriving, the bugs were gone, the humidity was low, and the temperatures were TO DIE FOR. I knew I was a little crazy to leave, especially since my last week and a half there was spent at a house (for free) on the island, just two blocks away from my favorite beach spot.

But, now that I'm a month into winter in Colorado I couldn't be more sure that I made the right choice. Our bodies need the change in season. It's only natural. And even though the temperatures have been mild, I still have to pat myself on the back for handling winter so far like a champ. So much so that it's safe to say that I love winter. Yes, I used the L-word. My relationship with the cold has been taken to the next level, apparently. Just don't ask me about driving on snow and ice. We won't go there for the sake of keeping this upbeat. :)

I now realize I'm not the one doing things backwards. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I think the snow birds in Florida are the backward ones. I mean, there's just something weird about seeing Santa on a jet ski, sweating underneath his polyester beard.

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