Daphnie and I thought we'd be friendly and say hi. She mostly wanted to show off her new spring haircut. And I wanted to make an appearance because I've been a little distant lately. My great friend Allison (and Matt) hired me for the last two weeks to help run a marathon photoshoot of just under 150 children for a local cute kids contest. Today is the last day and I'm plum worn out! Nine days, eleven hours a day, a lot of patience, poopy diapers, goldfish crackers, tickling, bubble blowing, and playing with puppets. Despite the plethora of coffee I drank, I fell asleep one night at 7:30. I learned parents have the hardest (and most rewarding) job in the world. I also learned that I love the boy names Cully, Quinn, and Jasper. Oh, and don't tell Daphnie, but I became completely smitten with a golden retriever named Riley along the way too. It's been fun. But like I said, I'm exhausted! Hopefully next time we say hi I will feel rested and a little more like myself. Until then, Happy Thursday. :)


  1. Okay I have to ask...is that a slipcover or just a tucked-in sheet? It's charming!

  2. Frances

    That indeed is a sheet! I found it at the thrift store. Isn't it pretty? I have to keep everything covered because that little fur ball is always a mess ;)