It's Friday!

I've learned that Fridays are still exciting here in Missoula, but if you're going to RMSP, not so much. At least, not in the way that it is if you're leaving for the day from a boring, tedious 9-5 job. There are often optional lectures, Field help classes, free time that you feel guilty about if you aren't taking pictures, and the desperate need to catch up on sleep. How to juggle all of that is often the tricky part. Somehow, I manage to always have a good weekend. It's kind of hard not to do. I can't say enough, how much I love this place.

Today I had Visual Studies, my favorite class. Color, composition, creativity, expression, history of photography, writing, etc. None of the technical bull on how to work a camera, or how to create the exact exposure you want. No computer talk. What's not to like? :-)
We had to turn in a photograph that conveyed a mood or emotion. Don't all photographs do this? I used one I took at the Missoula Made Fair about two weeks ago. (I'll post more on that later..) If you can't tell, she's reaching for a bubble. :-)


Sunday is the Augusta Rodeo. It's a big deal around here. There's a reason why I've ever gone to a Rodeo back home. I'm not typically a rodeo person. Things like that in Duncan are "redneck" and very very country. The unattractive side of country. However, this one I have the feeling will be different. I've seen a lot of pictures and the town it's held in is supposedly very artsy and quaint. A lot of students from the school are going to take photographs! I'll be sure to post some pics. I need to remember to pick up a cowboy hat tomorrow. :-)

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