Go Go Boots, Cars, and Cowboys :-)

I've realized that my blogging rate can't keep up with the rate I take pictures. In one weekend, I take SO many photos, it's unreal. Between that, going to school, and sleeping, there leaves little time to post what I've been doing. And there's been a lot going on.

Last week in the studio, we took contemporary portraits of each other. If you remembered I photographed Julie as the lost tourist. Well, I was lucky enough to be photographed as a Go Go Girl, and my friend Hal, did an
awesome awesome job! We rented the outfit and the boots from this amazing costume store here in Missoula. The umbrella was in my backpack, and the glasses, we fortunately got to keep. Well worth it. :-) The night we shot the pictures happened to be the night of Michael Jackson's death and so as a tribute we jammed out to MJ pop hits and had such a fun time. I think that's kind of obvious....
On Friday night I wandered downtown with a friend of mine to take pictures. We were caught off guard by a massive amount of people lining the sides of Higgins St. They were all awaiting a classic car show/ parade that was about to start. It was sunset and little light was available, so I practiced panning. Got some cool shots.

Saturday Morning, I went to the farmers market and layed in the grass under a tree drinking lemonade. I people watched, and took a lot of pictures. My friend Bippen let me borrow his macro lens the day before, so I took a few pictures of tiny clover flowers in the grass. I realized very quickly why everyone always says you have to have a good macro tripod. My thoughts? Great...just one more thing to add to my growing expense list as a photographer. lol

Saturday night, after class I headed to Augusta to camp out for the rodeo Sunday. It's a big event. I was hoping to find a rodeo different than the ones in Oklahoma, but for the most part, a rodeo is a rodeo. The lighting was harsh, and getting the correct exposure was a challenge, but I managed to get a handful of pictures I really like. I took a lot of pictures of "rodeo cowboys" but confirmed in myself pretty quickly that I love candid people/object photography a lot better. "All the small things" should be the description of my photography. I would try to tough it out and take pictures of the action, but would get board, and wander off. :-)

This is a HUGE rattlesnake we nearly ran over Sunday morning. It's a really bad picture, but he was under this bridge in the dark and I wasn't even about to get any closer...
Props to my friend Chad for the next picture. I'm trying to help him feel better about photographing people. He has nothing to worry about. :-) Plus, this truck is so cool!
Before the Rodeo started I wandered around and took some pictures...

"I'm thirsty."
"Yeah, lets get some lemonade."
"Um..lets get some beer..." haha

This is Neil!

Over half of our class showed up at the rodeo. We lined the fence with our big cameras. We looked like total nerds. But cool nerds for sure. :-)

Me and Bippen!

After the rodeo, a group of students stopped at this beautiful river area below the road. I forgot my bathing suit, so I just waded in leg deep and took pictures. The water was COLD.
This picture is worth about $100....or a trade for a nice watch. lol

After the river, we made a stop on the way home to photograph Bear grass up close. It covered the hills along the way. It's this weird white flower, that often has the wrong immpression for being enjoyed by bears. Before the 4th of July break from school, we all had to continue with our studio lighting adventure and photograph clear glass and shiny metal. The toughest thing I've ever done. These pictures aren't perfect, but, I like how they turned out. But, don't let them fool you by thinking it was easy. I now have a greater respect for advertising photographers who do this for a living. And, I also know that it's not really something I want to do for a full time career lol.

Happy 4th to everyone! Hope you get to see some great fireworks, eat some scrumptious BBQ, and play with sparklers! Have a great weekend!

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