That lucky old sun...

Summer is definitely here!
I "feel" summer's presence more here in Missoula than anywhere else I've ever been. Bright, blue skies. Green, green grass.

Ice Cream!


Lemonade, for when life gives you lemons!

This is Dudley. He even likes summer. He likes to bask in the sun on the sidewalk. You can find him there on most days. :-)

Fruit for picking.

Bugs being ladies. :-)

Alright, For the 4th of July me and two friends from school went to Holland Lake. It was about 2 hours-ish North East of Missoula. You park your car and hike about 3 miles round trip to this waterfall at the end of the trail. The lake was beautiful. Clear, blueish green water and the perfect temperature for cooling off after a hike.

This is a view of the lake near the waterfall.
And this is Chad, lol, standing next to the falls. Sorry Chad, the only pictures of the falls had you in them. lol The falls was so loud, so beautiful, and SO SO cold. To sum it up in one word I'd say it was exhilarating. The force coming from the water was so powerful you couldn't even stand under the waterfall. The mist coming off of it felt like needles hitting your skin. Very cool. I've also learned twice this past week that I need to invest in some good water shoes.

This is my lousy attempt to do a self portrait of the three of us. What kind of school do I go to? Oh that's right, photography school. Dangit.

We stopped here to swim on the way back. We swam from here over to that island where the little red boat is sitting.

After Holland Lake, we drove South to Seeley Lake to watch the fireworks, eat a hamburger, drink beer, and take some photos. Seeley was a cute little town. The atmosphere of people watching fireworks was so much more enjoyable than what I'm used to back home. The live music wasn't country, everyone was very friendly, and no trash was left behind when it was over. If you've been to the Marlow fireworks in Oklahoma, you'd understand why this impressed me so much.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! School starts back tomorrow full throttle. Wish me luck! There are so many assignments right now. I'm kind of overwhelmed. I think I already need another break. :-)


  1. Oh Hailey! I'm so excited for you!!!! Seeing your pictures... well I can't describe the happiness I feel that you are doing what you love. I remember back in high school when you said you wanted to go to photography school. I remember seeing you at Megan's wedding and feeling sad that you hadn't been able to go yet. But now, seeing your amazing work, all I feel is peace that things can work out. I hope school continues to go well- it's obvious from your post that you have AMAZING talent! You're blessed.

  2. hailey, your photos truly are art. however, if you don't have a model release for that picture of me you better remove it ASAP :)