have your cake. and eat it too.

Today was a good day. All week I've felt like I was fumbling in the dark to find the light switch. It took me until Thursday to find it.
And finally everything was so much brighter.
I was in my element. We shot wedding details today (macro lens!), ate cake, learned a lot, and much much more. I didn't get home till dark, but it was all worth it. Tomorrow's my last day of wedding photography and I'm kinda sad. We took our last pictures today I think. So, to tribute, here's a day in the life, of me.

we shot details.

we shot cake.

and then we ate it!!

we were bad ass photographers with bad ass lenses.

and we blew bubbles!

we had a photo shoot with a beautiful model.

then we kind of looked like a paparazzi.

and,... i shot more details : )

we got waist high into a pond for a trash the dress session.

we had some fun with mini water cameras!

And I shot into the sun.

watched others jump for joy.

and took a bath, in beautiful light.


  1. Looks great Hailey...your doing an amazing job as we all knew you would! Keep it up!

  2. Those are very impressive. Looks like the wedding class went well.

  3. that chicks got a huge lens on her...