How sweet it is.

Today was a good day. A good day for a number of reasons.
We learned all about group wedding pictures and even practiced on our models at a beautiful, old Catholic church downtown. However, in my group shot, you can't even tell they are at a church. I'm not one to really like "posing" but when the whole day was all about learning how to arrange groups and your entire class was watching you do it, it's a little tough to be creative. Plus, these are models who don't actually know each other in real life. We got to the location, did one walk-around, watched an indoor demo, and then started shooting. We drew names and I was 2nd. The shot I got was posed and taken in probably 3 minutes, which is all we were allowed. It's not perfect. I was a little frustrated with not having more time, but for 3 minutes, I was fairly pleased with how it turned out.

I got home today to not only have a box of camera equipment I ordered, but a letter, and a package full of wedding magazines! How appropriate! I absolutely LOVE mail : )

My mom sends me a lot of letters. I get one almost every day. I've been telling her I'd post a picture of all the letters I've gotten since the end of May when I got here. I don't know if the picture does it justice, but it nearly fills up the drawer by my bed. I need to find a new place to store them for the next couple of months...

And then, I was surprised with flowers in my bathroom! haha
I needed all of these little pick-me-ups. Helps me to realize how loved I am, and how much people think of me when i feel so on my own most of the time.

Thanks again, to everyone that follows my blog and loves me so damn much.
It definitely doesn't go un-noticed.

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