hello fall.

goodbye sweet, sweet summer.

It doesn't look like this everywhere in Missoula yet, but I sure wish it did. This is Pattie Canyon. I went for a nice drive this afternoon in search for locations for two photo shoots I'm going to do tomorrow (yay!) and got lost in my thoughts, which was kind of nice. It never fails, this time of year is very nostalgic for me. Every season has memories, but fall is different. There's a feeling in the air that brings up a rushing anxiousness in me and distinct feelings of change. There's an unsureness of what's about to happen, but it's always exciting. It's my favorite time of year, by far.

I get this urgent desire to do certain things:
  • Make zuchini bread
  • pumpkin pie
  • carmeled apples
  • buy new school supplies
  • play in the leaves
  • go to football games
  • dress up for Halloween
  • buy candy corn
  • take evening walks in the brisk air
  • watching the new season of The Office!
  • watch my old marching band videos (a cool fall morning always makes me feel like I should be going to practice. haha)

My friend Danielle and I last year.
My 'Office' watching buddy and pumpkin carver extraordinaire...

And I couldn't leave this one out.
Miss you Kevin!

Happy Fall Ya'll :)


  1. Hailey,
    I share your love for fall and really miss the Appalachian mountains this time of year. So many years spent wandering in their brisk colors anticipating what comes next...thanks for your comments that mirror my feelings.

    Perhaps a class pumpkin carving?

  2. omg. a class pumpkin carving would be so fun!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous as always. I have been loving all things autumn except the cooler temps. If you ever need any company for fall fun, let me know! (oh, Saturday morning, the first thing Ken said to me was 'that's what she said.' Gotta love The Office.)