Magic is that moment that the light looks so pretty you just want to bottle it up and save it for later. Magic is when you love what you do, as a passion and a profession. Magic is when you can make other people feel absolutely beautiful. Magic is when you get so caught up in taking pictures, that you lose yourself for hours upon hours. Magic, is what happens every time I look through my camera.

This Saturday I organized two photo shoots with two lovely ladies so that I could get more work to put in a portfolio for a big review at the end of school. (three more weeks!) I used the portfolio as my reason, but truly I think I just needed the excuse to do it for myself. I
need to take pictures, like people need their morning coffee, their favorite bathrobe, or 8 hours of sleep at night. And photographing people is something I haven't had the chance to do enough of while I've been here. I was craving it. The funny part is, I got so nervous the night before. And I've done this for years, but it always turns out great, and this time was no exception. I am in LOVE with the photos from Saturday. And, although I was the one behind the camera, I have to give my beautiful friends credit for being so patient and so awesome. They rocked it. Lacy and Heidi, you should be models. Seriously.



I was especially excited about the shoot with Heidi, because I created every piece of her outfit from scratch. I'm almost 23 and apparently still love playing dress up. I even hand made both hair bows, and the veil just for the shoot. It was one of those scenarios where I had pre-visualized exactly what I wanted out of it, and got even more than I had expected. Thanks girls. You made my day.



  1. Looks great Hailey! Keep it up and you'll far, like we all knew you would!

  2. Hailey, I don't want to ruin the surprise when you get your PIP reviews...but you got it. Your work is fresh and inspiring - keep it up.

  3. haha, yeah, you say that now and you watch, I'll get burned. lol jk
    No really, thanks Forest! I need all the input I can get and that means a lot, coming from you. :)

  4. fun shoots hailey...

  5. These turned out beautiful Hailey. I had SO much fun, if you ever want a model...I'm your gal!