the color purple.

A few of my dedicated readers may remember this post from last October.

Well, I don't think my trusty little violet ever bloomed, but it stayed alive after school, all the way back to Oklahoma. It thrived up until the point of a dreadful ice storm that blew across the great plains this winter. Our house was without power for 4 days and the temperature inside got well below freezing. I miraculously stayed warm and alive, but my fuzzy little plant did not. Instead of trying to bring it back to life, I took a deep breath, and dumped it outside in the flower bed. Soil and all. 

That plant had been with me through several moves, several boyfriends, several career changes, and a lot of ups and downs. And the crazy part is, when I bloomed, so did she.

On my recent move to Colorado, I got rid of most of my things in order to travel light. The only living thing I took with me this time was my dog. Packing and moving was stressful, but I think it has been even harder once I got to my destination- adjusting to a new town, trying to live with a new roommate, trying to find jobs, and most importantly trying to be a photographer. So, in all the craziness of getting settled in, last week my sweet boyfriend came home with a little surprise. He always knows the right time to do something, and this time was no exception. 

He bought me a new violet. And she's perfect. 
He laughed at me later, as I sat by the window for a very long time with the plant and my macro lens. But I didn't care. Hopefully I can bloom just as beautifully in this new town as she is.


  1. Congratulations, Hailey, on all your new adventures.

  2. I always knew that boyfriend of yours was a keeper! Enjoy your new violet and bloom together in Colorado!

  3. Hailey!
    You are incredibly talented!