my spring coat.

I woke up Monday morning and it was snowing. It's late April. It doesn't snow in April where I'm from. I guess that was nature's way of saying, "Welcome to the west."

Either way it was beautiful. Huge, wet clumps of heavy snow. Adorned in my winter boots, pea coat, mittens, and camera- I went exploring. I figured it was maybe the last chance I'd get to wear my favorite plaid thrift store coat and furry suede boots that i waited years to finally let myself buy. But then again, I do live in Colorado now. Maybe I won't tuck them away just yet...



  1. Absolutely beautiful! I especially love the the first three. :)

    I remember one day when I lived in Colorado, I walked to work with a t-shirt on. By the time I got out of work it was freezing and snowy outside and I had to call for a ride. haha Enjoy that crazy weather! :)

  2. You are really amazing! All of these make me say wow...and make me feel alive! You have an amazing gift. Would love to hang out if I ever head to Colorado or if you visit here again.


  3. You're not in OK anymore but sounds like you've been preparing for such a place for a bit. Don't forget your mittens...

    Great photos - I love how you capture what's around you that many of us just ignore. Consider posting a "here's what I was looking at and here's the photo I took to capture it" piece.

  4. Thanks everyone! That's a fun idea Mel. It kind of reminds me of what I did on my post of pictures of me taking a picture and then what I was taking a picture of.

    p.s. I have a ridiculous collection of mittens :)

  5. WOW. All of them are amazing!!! I especially love the second shot w/ the little green leaves & the 4th one is so unique w/ the all the numbers on the telephone pole & the snow falling..... You have some really great work here! I saw your comment on Green Door Photography's photo on FB & thought I'd check out your work. :)

  6. Hey Hailey, Really like this set of images! Terrific light!