Any time a fair comes to town I get excited. I have these childlike visions of cotton candy, bright colors, and pure fun. This time wasn't any different. Every time I drove by the La Plata County Fair the parking lot was packed and the whirling colors lured me in like a bug to a light. The rides can't be any safer than the people operating them, but I don't care. All I ever really want to ride is the ferris wheel anyway. And this time was no exception. 

It wasn't what I remembered it to be though. Not just the outrageous (and short) $6 ferris wheel ride, but the rest of the carnival too. It was dark, creepy, dirty, expensive and after looking at the goldfish, very sad. This is not to say I didn't enjoy watching my friend Matt throw away $20 tossing baseballs at beer bottles, only to win his wife a stuffed synthetic Dalmatian toy. And my boyfriend, who did the same only to win a blow-up Goldberg wrestler doll, who we left as part of our tip for the waitress at the bar later. It was a good kick off to the the rest of the week though. A week of crazy hail storms, sunflowers, and late night cooking.



  1. Love your hailman. :)
    Love all your photos... you are one talented girl!

  2. Just stopped by to catch up, lovely images on your blog as usual. Love the goldfish and ferris wheel.