a funny little thing.

I took this picture over 2 months ago, just as summer was beginning. I wanted a picture of us, for wedding business purposes. It was one of those evenings where nothing was really going right. It was one of those evenings where the image in my head wasn't materializing in front of my camera. Everything was just off.

And then, for a couple minutes, the light was absolutely amazing, he made me laugh, and something clicked.

It's a funny little thing, I suppose, called love. And even it doesn't go as planned. It often feels "off." The picture perfect image of that fairy tale relationship isn't always what you see through the viewfinder. Life gets in the way, clouding your vision. But if you open your eyes, and your heart, you will see it. And when you do, it's clear as day. 


  1. i still love you...most of the time ;)

  2. Really adorable picture of you two. Best wishes!

  3. Chad, if you were half as romantic as Mr. Hansen you would have said "I still think you're nice...".

    I just love you two kids.