I'll be honest, I haven't really felt inspired lately to make photos. I'm not sure what my deal is. I'm in some kind of winter funk I suppose. So, this weeks pictures aren't anything amazing, but in contrast the moments were definitely worth remembering. I'm absolutely loving the snow. I wonder how long I'd have to live in Colorado before I got used to it. I woke up the other morning, looked out the window, and ran through the house literally jumping up and down saying, "SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!" If I remember right I had the same reaction about 20 years ago. Some things never change.

(P.S. Burnt cookies make for good snowman eyes)

I also might add that on a job for Chris Giles Photo in Telluride, CO. this week, I stayed at the most swanky hotel I'd ever been in. Room #58 at the Lumiere Hotel was only one step down from the penthouse suit and had two bedrooms with private baths, a living room, dining room, and a decked out kitchen including stainless steel appliances and marble counter tops. After a 12-hour day of shooting a beautiful home in Mountain Village I soaked in the tub at the hotel while watching the food network on my bathroom's flat screen T.V. The next morning, as I got ready for another full day of shooting, I took a shower with 4 shower heads and a heated bathroom floor. It was a good week. Check out Lumiere's website to see some of Chris's work.

Happy Holidays :)


  1. Ah the glamorous life of an architectural photographer. Next it'll be Monte Carlo or Paris, followed by shooting assignments for the rich and famous. You go, girl!

  2. Hailey, I love your website!!! And your blog just continues to shine!!!! Right on.

  3. Love the pictures of Daph...