Oklahoma Living Magazine.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Oklahoma Living Magazine to produce a few photos for the recipe feature of the December issue. Not only did I photograph the process and finished product of Figgy pudding, but I was aloud to be involved in the cooking as well! I've heard of Figgy pudding since I was a little girl because of Christmas songs, but I never understood what it was. And I never knew that "pudding" to the English is really just a word for most desserts. Thank you, OK Living for the opportunity and for teaching me a few new things about food!


  1. Ain't that grand! Photography work you can enjoy viewing and eating. And you get credit in the article as well. Good for you.

    Do you see more of this in your future? How did you make the connection?

  2. Hey Mel!

    My sister has been the editor there for 5 or 6 years. She recently took another job, but while I was home visiting I had the chance to shoot images for two issues of the magazine. (You'll see the next one for January.) And yes, I DO see this in my future. I would LOVE to do more and more jobs like this all the time. :)