It's been a whole week since the big snow storm and the snow still hasn't melted. Walks with my dog have become mud fests. My dear little summer herbs have been brought inside and are going to seed. My violets on the other hand are loving winter. Me? I have mixed feelings about it. My summer clothes have been boxed up and tucked away in the attic. My snow boots were dug out from behind the washing machine where they fell and had been forgotten. I'm excited that the chances of having a white Christmas have increased by like 57% because I live in Colorado now. AND I'm excited to go tomorrow and cut down our "winter solstice tree" (as my boyfriend likes to call it.) Oh, and I'm also SO excited about my new Polaroid Land Camera that Chad just happened to find in our alley this week. I've been wanting one of these rainbow-striped jewels for a while. Plus, it looks like it's never been used!

{ What a cute little camera family! }


  1. Tell us more about the brownies!

    If you're interested, some guys in England have started producing Polaroid film packs again - not sure which camera model they are for.

    Merry White Christmas!

  2. I love what you see.

    Also, your pictures often make me hungry.