Sheri & Luke.

If you're friends with Sheri and Luke you have probably heard one of their classic engagement jokes. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, she likes to give Luke a hard time about how naked her hand looks without bling. She's even been known to leave ring brochures from jewelry stores under his pillow. If you're friends with Sheri and Luke you also know that this is all fun and games. Engaged or not, married or not, they make the perfect couple.

I'll never forget the instant messages and phone calls from her sophomore year of college as she confessed her massive crush on the TA from geography class at OU. Or the time she told me about her first email correspondence with him, and they weren't discussing geography. When I think of balance and trust, I think of Sheri and Luke. I also think of beer, homemade hot wings, college football, cats, and a comfy couch I've crashed on more times than I can count. 

So, before I share photos I should make a disclaimer: this is not an engagement session. 
However, I couldn't help myself...


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