I'm starting to forget that I'm in Colorado and not back in Oklahoma with all this crazy weather we're having. One morning it's snowing and by the next day I'm wearing a tank top and flip flops. It's easy to say I "survived" my first mountain winter (for which I was very nervous about) only because this was one of the driest winters Durango has seen in years. Hey, I'm not complaining. Chad says Spring isn't here yet though, despite the fact that we drove around with the sun roof open yesterday. It is only mid-March and if I remember correctly it snowed in late APRIL last year... that was a first. I still haven't figured out when to pull out the summer clothes and put away my winter coat around here. 


  1. Hailey,
    Clothing decisions are easy - never put away your winter coat! At the very least, keep it in your car 'cause you never know....

    The plant in the jar image is a good use of light and shadow - you have a good eye to see and capture that.

  2. Ha! Yeah welcome to Springtime in the Rockies! At least your feet have already seen some sunshine it sounds like! We won't be able to put away the winter clothes for at least another month and a half. :( But on a better note.... Wooowwwie to these images!! I am in love with the curly ques on that plant! Is that Yucca? Whatever. Those are beautiful. And great shots of the mozzarella, basil, tomato crostini. Mmmm.