A friend informed me recently, in the most loving way, that I was a little uptight about my photography. (And she was right.) That a good picture isn't always about sharpness or perfect timing. It's about play and imperfection too. And then tonight, I told someone else to get out of their head and just be. To quit thinking and just shoot. I said, "That's when the magic happens." And as it rolled off my tongue I felt the cheesiness of my words. But, in the same breath I knew I was right.

I'll never forget the night this image was created - or the days that lead up to it in preparation. Hours were spent at thrift stores trying on dresses. I picked up carboard boxes from the grocery store to cut out countless stars. Blue craft paints and glitter were purchased. String and clothes pins were hunted down. And Chad, my partner in crime, was there for it all, even adding the last of the glitter to my stars. We had been at class all day and had class the next morning too. But that didn't keep us from being out until 2AM creating and having fun. I never did get the perfect image I wanted, but what I did get was nothing short of magical. The process was magical too. I guess that's what happens when you just let go.


  1. this looks way cooler than i had remembered it!!!

  2. This is awesome Hailey!!! I love it!