Confession:  I let myself get way, way too distracted this weekend by the sunshine and outdoors. My to-do list is daunting, much of it involving hours in front of the computer. But it's hard when the weather is so yummy. Yes, I said yummy. That's how a local recently described winter in Florida to me. And she couldn't be more right. The tourists have thinned out, the local produce is thriving, the nights are cool, and the days are perfect. Apparently, I am house sitting at the wrong time of year. Just as I am preparing to leave for a wintery wonderland, the seasonal Floridians are getting back in town, hanging up their coat and slathering on their sunscreen. Winter is going to kick me in the ass. But, since we're on the topic of confessions, I have to admit I'm kind of looking forward to it. I have been craving the sound of crunchy snow under my feet, hot chocolate, snow angels, and mittens. This trip was shocking to my system, but in the end it was good for me. So I think the cold will do the same. It will be refreshing. So here's to the end of one yummy winter, and the beginning of another!


  1. Hey sunflowers!!! Your favy... :)

  2. Oooh. These pictures make me excited for some farm veggies! We can't wait to get back to our yummy winter and to see you and Daphnie! Beautiful pictures as always. :)