2012 calendar.

I'm excited to announce that I have 2012 fine art calendars for sale just in time for the new year! I love the idea of a gift that last from January to December. I also love a good stocking stuffer, especially one that's handmade and supports (your favorite) artists. *wink wink*

The details:

12 loose calendar pages
size:  8.25" tall x 5.5" wide
heavy 110 cardstock

These calendars are designed with freedom and creativity in mind. Have fun with choosing your own way to display them in your home or office:  
  • String with wire and clothespins in an empty, over-sized frame. 
  • Frame one a month in a smaller frame on your desk. 
  • Hang a blank clipboard on your wall with a nail and then clip the current month to the board. 
  • Put a nail or tack in the wall with a bulldog clip on it. Clip the calendar to it.
  • Pin to your bulletin board or fridge. 
  • Use artist tacky to display on your wall or mirror.
  • I loved THIS display that can be purchased from Ikea here
  • Pick up THIS cute and inexpensive display.
  • Or, purchase an easel or picture stand (as shown below) from your local art supply store or in the frame/home decor isle at Target, Michaels, etc. 

AND when the month is over, cut the bottom off and you're left with a mini art print.


*OR, purchase from me personally and save yourself the shipping/handling fee. If you are in Oklahoma (OKC/Norman) or Colorado (Durango) I will be available before Christmas for purchasing. Email me and we'll get together:  haileykingphotography@gmail.com

Only a limited number available :)

Happy Holidays!

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  1. These are really beautiful! I am from Colorado and recently moved to London. Your newest follower, Laura