I thought for a long while this evening on what to say about this week and I am left with nothing really. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't necessarily a bad week. It had just as many high points as it did low. I guess by the end though it's just left me feeling a little tired, a little quiet, and still a little sick. 
I never get sick or tired of good food though, and this week was no exception for that. There was sushi at my favorite restaurant, a lazy breakfast at my favorite pub, homemade buttermilk biscuits, and a homey Sunday gathering of waffles, bacon, coffee and friends (just to name a few.) I also never get tired of the scenery as you drive to Mancos at sunset, or the way my dog's feet make the cutest footprints in the snow. I'll also never tire of birthday parties where everyone sports a mustache and I learn how to do a dance called the "pencil sharpener." Like I said, it wasn't a bad week. I think I'm just ready for a fresh start. A new set of days.

This weeks photos were taken with my iphone. :)

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