Tyler + Meredith

It all started the fall of 2007 in Norman, Oklahoma with a mutual friend's birthday party. There were oysters, cigars, beer, and in later months, a lot of OU football. Yep, that's how Tyler and I became friends. And I'll never forget the night he blew us off to go hang out with Meredith, his newest infatuation, when she got off work at the snow cone stand. A group of us had been at a bar on campus corner, drinking beer and watching football, all of us except Tyler anyway. He was there in body, but not in mind or spirit. While the rest of us laughed and talked loudly over the noise, he sat quietly glued to the screen of his cell phone, texting Meredith and waiting on pins and needles until he could see her. He was hooked.

Fast forward 4-ish years later. Meredith no longer works at a snow cone stand, and Tyler no longer waits by his phone. But they're both still hooked [on each other.] And they're planning a wedding. A wedding full of dinosaurs, homemade flower arrangements, and a cake made of Rice Krispies treats. Tyler and Meredith, thank you for respecting my creative vision and profession. Thanks for asking me to shoot your wedding. And thanks for being such great friends.

The three of us got together for engagement photos in late December. It began in their home where Tyler taught Meredith how to make (and eat) HIS version of a "no-bake" cookie. That was followed by a couple drinks at Louie's, where they had their first date, and then a few sunset pictures in full uniform. And finally, the evening ended in amazing Thai food and good conversation. I love my job. :)


  1. It was awesome to get to see you and you did such a great job! Thanks Hailey!

  2. Hey how about a tighter roll on those sleeves sea dog!

    Also Meredith you look absolutley beautiful. seriosly absolute.

    all in all amazing pictures of the two of you and if I have A.T. for the date ill be super upset.
    P.S. anyone who tells you 'congrats' is lazy and/or does not know how to spell. slap the transgressor and spit in their face.

  3. These are gorgeously real life. Absolutely beautiful, dear. Can't wait for the wedding!