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I had just walked off the plane at the Knoxville airport and was looking for a middle-aged man with glasses that was picking my friend Claire and I up for his daughters wedding rehearsal we were shooting that night. The weekend hadn't even started and I was already exhausted. The months and days leading up to Lauren and Joey's wedding were a handful. And honestly, I think at that point I was even more tired just thinking about the work that was ahead of me in the months to come. Upon leaving Knoxville I would have three weddings to edit. I needed to find a house and second job in Durango, plus plan my trip home from Florida to Colorado. I needed to pack for my trip to NYC and said trip to Colorado and prep the house for my friends I was house sitting for that were returning in a short couple of weeks. And little did I know at the time that my dog would also be having surgery in the midst of all of that future craziness.

It was at that moment, as I scanned the terminal for my bride's father that I got a call from Gretchen, owner of the Palmetto Art Center in Palmetto, FL. She wanted to let me know that I had been hand picked (invitation only) to be one of a few artists to hang my work on the walls of the art center for a one-day holiday arts and crafts show. It was going to be the 2nd annual "Made Here" show celebrating local artisans in the Manatee County area, and allowed the public a place to eat, drink, listen to live music, and shop locally for the Christmas holiday. I was so flattered. The opportunity was too good to be true and I knew immediately I couldn't turn it down. It was an inexpensive way to gain exposure in Florida (hoping to come back for weddings), meet and network with other artists, and hopefully sell some prints. However, I also immediately got even more overwhelmed. With only a month until the show, where would I find the time?

I look back at the month of October (and November) and don't know how I survived. Somehow in the middle of all the madness I managed to put together pieces for the show AND design, print, cut, and package fine art calendars to sell as well (all in a month's time.) I didn't sleep much. I was fully aware I had taken on too much, but I didn't care. I didn't have time to sit and worry even if I wanted to. Instead I immersed myself and dove head first into everything. It felt good to be so busy and overwhelmed with creative projects. I knew come winter things would slow down and I would only WISH I were that busy again.

My work was hung in the kitchen area because food and beverages were to be served all day. The rest of the space (which is beautiful by the way) was packed full of booths and tables selling prints, baked goods, jewelry, pillows, ceramics, re-purposed vintage clothing, knitted hats, etc. There was even a video installation playing in the back room. It was a a good time. I want to thank Gretchen for her kindness, and for becoming a friend over the process. I also want to thank the girls from Sweet on Main for loving my photography enough to invite me along for the ride. And a HUGE thanks to Jimmy and Cindy for two very late nights helping me problem solve and hang my work. I don't think I could make enough mac-n-cheese to ever re-pay you. Plus, a shout out to the lovely people at Cork&Copper for decorating the event in such a creative, festive way. You can see some of my pictures from the event on their website and on Facebook.

Unfortunately (for me) but fortunately (for you) I still have some of these prints for sale from the show!

Everything available is printed on professional luster paper, signed, and framed into a glass clip frame, ready to hang on your wall. All frames are 12x18". Price does not include shipping. Please contact me by phone, email, or Facebook with questions or to purchase.

The following prints are available:
$65 each or two for $110

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