Today was gray. It was the perfect gray for making coffee and having a slow morning. It was the perfect kind of gray for watching a couple episodes of "United States of Tara" (my latest obsession) in my pajamas, followed by yoga, and a long shower. Afterwards I washed dishes and "piddled", as my mom would put it, about the house unpacking summer clothes, browsing Pinterest, and talking to a friend on the phone. And it was the perfect kind of gray day for a hike. After reaching the top of Smelter today I sat above town for almost 4 hours watching the tiny cars hum below me and had some good conversation. I love Sundays. I love Sundays as much as I love homemade bread, massages, sushi, booking weddings, movie dates, dinner parties, sunny afternoons in the park, late night chai, best friends, and Durango: all of which I had this week, and most of which I didn't photograph. (Whoops!) I did however photograph a couple sleepless nights at 3:00 AM as the twinkle lights above my bed grew bright and then dimmed, in and out, softly. And I also took some head shots for a friend who was trying out as an extra in a Johnny Depp movie. He's in town supposedly, and it's all people are talking about. This week ended a lot better than it began. I'm so thankful for the people in my life and I'm loving the warm weather, even if the sun is hiding. My heart is anything but gray.

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