Holly + Vince ::: engaged

I knew I liked Holly the first time I met her. But I really knew I wanted to be her friend when we met for a glass of wine about a month before her wedding to discuss some details about engagement books, schedules, and family photos. By the time we were onto our second cocktail all discussion of wedding photography had gone out the window. She's real, and Vince is no exception. They are perfect wedding clients. The kind of people who are laid back, but care so much about the photography that they met with me 7-8 times before the wedding to do things like drink wine, look at sample albums, take engagement photos, go to an engagement party, check out the light at the ceremony site with the wedding planner, and even invite me over to their home to finalize details. They're the kind of couple who voluntarily jump off a bridge twice just to get the shot. They're also the kind of couple who rides 3 miles on a bike (in the rain) on their wedding day. (More on this soon!) They laugh easily and "get" each other in a quiet kind of way. It's an inspiring kind of love.

Vince and Holly, thank you for letting me into your life. I can't wait for our next cocktail and to share your wedding photos with you soon!

These pictures were taken in Durango, CO. and at Baker's Bridge, the site of the famous jumping scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

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