being bold.

Exactly one year ago, I sat down at a coffee shop in downtown Oklahoma City with one of the most inspiring people I know. We talked about our creative goals, dreams, and aspirations. I didn't have any resolutions and didn't intend to. The following day I would drive 13 hours to Durango, CO. where I would move into a new house and begin a huge new chapter in my life. And a few hours away from that afternoon latte I'd be sitting in front of my dad for the first time since I was eleven years old; something that took me 14 years to initiate. These things alone were huge, so huge I didn't have time or energy for resolutions.

It was at that moment that Kathleen told me about her word. Not a list of workouts to try, or recipes to cook, but a WORD for 2012. A word that would quietly define her year. A word to live by. A word to keep tucked into her back pocket when she was getting ready for the day. I loved the simplicity of this idea so much that I decided I needed a word too.

I spent the next two hours driving to my see my father, watching the setting Oklahoma sun, thinking of the huge, scary things that were ahead of me when I got to Colorado, and I picked a word. I picked MY WORD for 2012. And it couldn't have been more perfect.

In 2012 I was  bold.

I was bold in the way I handled rough situations. In the way I gave advise. In the way I made decisions. In the way I confronted people. In the way I emailed. In the way I used my words. In the way I made new friends. In the way I embraced each changing season. In the way I photographed. In the way I took charge of my love life. In the way I rekindled relationships within my family. In the way I traveled. In the way that I told someone no. In the way that I agreed. In the way that I loved. In the way that I lived my life.

2012 wasn't perfect by any means, but not one single day went by that I didn't think of my word. Not one single day went by that I didn't challenge myself to be bold. To be confident, courageous, strong, feisty, brave, spirited, forward, and the most honest version of myself. And I've thought long and hard lately on whether I should chose a new word or make resolutions, or both. And I decided that being bold in 2012 worked well for me. I imagine it will look mighty fine on any day in 2013 too. So I'm keeping it. And that decision feels good. A new year feels good.

Damn good.

Happy New Year to all of the wonderful people in my life. Gosh there are so, so many of you. This girl is feeling so blessed.


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  1. Happy 2013, Hailey! I'm so glad to have met you. Let's work on a bold creative collaboration this year. I'm emailing you.