2013 Calendars

I was joking with a friend the other day that every time I do a project it turns into a  project. A doosy. A handful of complications and sleepless nights. And my goal with making a 2013 calendar was to avoid that. To avoid it turning into a typical "Hailey project." But of course what happened was all of the above and none of the latter.

I've spent the last several weeks toiling away like an elf in Santa's workshop to create a product I was happy with. I couldn't find the displays I wanted so of course I made my own. I didn't think sanding the wood was enough, so I put on cheesy Christmas movies and smoothed out every edge with natural beeswax. And even though last year's calendars were beautiful, I wanted this year's to be even better, so I researched eco friendly printing and a thicker, higher quality paper. The moral of this story is that sometimes it's exhausting to be a perfectionist, and sometimes it can be one of my greatest qualities. It is, after all, what
drove me to create these:

This year's calendar is sold with a handmade birch wood "clipboard" and twelve individual pages for a year's worth of imagery by yours truly. When the month is over, clip the dates away and your left with a mini print. Shipping is included and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Please place orders before December 18th to ensure arrival by Christmas Day. Orders made in Durango can be taken by phone, email, website, or Facebook. All other orders can be made

wood displays: 6"x9"
calendar pages: 5"x8"

Email:  haileykingphotography@gmail.com

Facebook: HERE.

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  1. that perfectionism and the loooong yet beautiful process is what makes your work yours, hailey. these are beautiful. thanks for sharing the path in making them. happy solstice!