A couple of weeks ago as the setting sun fell on northern New Mexico and just before I stuffed myself with tacos and sopapillas at one of the better Mexican food restaurants of my life, I met Bruno. There he was, statuesque and sitting straight up on the curb in front of a motel in Cuba, NM. He was so large and still that I did a double take and insisted we turn the car around to make sure he was real. Sure enough, as I quickly unloaded my camera from it's bag and proceeded to take his portrait, he ever-so-gently came closer, nestling against my leg. I don't know why he was there or who he belonged to, but I named him Bruno in honor of the meal I was about to eat - a long awaited meal after being in my hot car all afternoon with no AC. It was the end of a mini vacation of sorts - a few days at a resort in Bernalillo where I took zero photos and got a pretty memorable sunburn by the pool. I've been bad at leaving my camera at home or not ever taking it out of the bag on a trip. So thank you, Bruno, for inspiring me. The camera likes you.

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