mid summer goodness.

Sometimes the best moments aren't photographed. Like when your precariously flipping pizza dough in a charcoal grill via iphone flashlight at 9:30 at night. This pizza, doused with generous amounts of my homemade arugula pesto and grilled veggies, might have been the best pizza I'd had in over a year. I'm a firm believer that grilling anything makes it taste better. So be glad that I have no photos. They would only be torture.

I have many more of these torturous, unphotographed moments that I can't share with you which can only mean it's been a pretty good summer so far. Can you believe it's already July?? It's that time of summer that I actually start to feel a bit of sadness because it's already half way over and there's still so much I want to do! Luckily I am surrounded by so, so many wonderful friends who make my day-to-day life so delicious, no matter what season. It doesn't hurt that I live in such a beautiful place either.

Here are a few pictures as of lately:

photo of me by Jennaye Derge ^

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