This week marks the two year anniversary of "Everyday Sunday" and today is the day that it comes to an end.

I don't remember the exact moment or day it happened; I just know that four or five months ago the thought occurred to me to stop. As the idea washed over me I felt the way it must feel to truly betray a dear, dear friend. How could I do such a thing? "Everyday Sunday" was a part of my photography and an even bigger part of me. It was what started as a personal project and became so, so much more. It was a weekly promise to myself and a way of photographing my life that felt magical, beautiful, and raw.

I decided to let this thought sit in my gut for a while. I wanted to leave it there and see how it felt. I was surprised to discover just how okay I was with putting it to an end. It was obviously the natural thing to do and I'd be lying if I said the idea didn't bring me great relief. The creativity, the inspiration, and even picking up my camera - it all felt forced. I just realized one day that if I felt it, then my readers were feeling it too. I also realized all good things must eventually come to an end.

I'd also be lying if I didn't say that some of my absolute favorite blogs were shared on Sundays. And although Sundays may look different around here from now on, the idea of "Everyday Sunday" won't ever die. I'll still post too many pictures of my dog, my feet, and the food I eat. I still want you to know who I am, what my weaknesses are, and what my life looks like in between being a professional photographer. I still (and always will) find life in the in-between some of the most enchanting. I have new ideas that excite me though: new projects that I can't wait to start working on and sharing with you. In the mean time, I want to leave you with an extremely LONG list of Sundays that I adore. Which Sunday's do you remember? What were your favorites, and why?
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Words can't describe how it feels to let go of something like this. Words also can't describe just how grateful I am to all of you that read what I write each week. And to this I say thank you. No really, thank you. I hope you stick around.

"I see Sunday as kind of an excuse to revel in the importance of doing nothing, and doing it slowly."

Happy Sunday :)

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  1. Good for you, Hailey. I think taking the pressure off is a really fantastic way to foster creativity. What's that they say about closing doors and opening windows?

    Here's to opening many many windows - every day of the week.